Automat present video from
award winning EP "Bootleg"

In September the split EP "Bootleg" from Schneider TM and AUTOMAT (Achim Färber, Zeitblom, Jochen Arbeit) won a Clio Music Award – what made us very proud. Now the first video has been produced, and not only the music is brilliant (dark hypnotic electro dub with crackles from scratched vinyl), but also the visuals. Please convince yourself on Youtube. Read more about the "Bootleg"-EP here.


"Traum" video from Gut und Irmler!

In September we've released the collaborative album "500m" from Gudrun Gut and Hans-Joachim Irmler, more information here. Now Gudrun Gut produced a video for the nightmarish "Traum" which is online on Youtube. Gut und Irmler will also be on tour soon – it's their first tour together, don't miss it.

Dec 3rd 14 Linz – Stadtwerkstatt
Dec 4th 14 Karlsruhe – Jubez
Dec 5th 14 Ludwigshafen – Das Haus
Dec 6th 14 Aachen – Musikbunker
Dec 18th 14 Berlin – Berghain (+ Irmler & Liebezeit)

Tarwater – The Evening Pilgrims:
new video online!

A love of literature is inherent in all Tarwater releases, from their debut album "11|6 12|10" in 1996 to their latest release "Adrift" which has been released end of october. The lyrics for one of those new songs, "The Evening Pilgrims", are taken from "The Man Who Had Forgotten The Name Of Trees", a collection of poems by Milner Place. Robert Lippok from To Rococo Rot who also did the artwork for "Adrift" now translated this into pictures, his video for "The Evening Pilgrims" is available on Youtube.

Reissues of Conrad Schnitzler's "Grün" and "Gelb" out now!

Conrad Schnitzler's yellow album contains recordings from the year 1974. It is not only amiable from start to finish, it also documents an important stage in Schnitzler's musical development. This album reveals itself to be an important milestone, illuminating a clear path into the future. Schnitzler had begun to free himself from the constraints of orthodox conceptual art, advancing into the wide open spaces of uncharted musical territory. The green album concluded Schnitzler's "monochrome" album series. His tracks in the 1970s were lengthy and shared a musical pattern which varied only minimally. Hence the green album has just one track on each side and any changes in melodic structure are subtle in nature. The borders between Schnitzler's creative periods are too nebulous to be sure that the green album represents the coda of his 70s music. Still, Schnitzler's musical essence of the decade is in evidence as aural concentrate on both tracks of the green album. Not, however, as a recapitulary review, but as a foundation, fertile ground in which his art would thrive in the decades which followed. Out now on CD/LP/DL.

Read more about "Gelb": English / Deutsch

Read more about "Grün": English / Deutsch


New Kreidler video premiered via Spex!

It's a video series in six parts but you've only seen part two so far. So here's the next one: the song is called "Destino", video is part four of Lior Shamriz' video series for ABC and it's now premiered on and online on Youtube.

Kreidler on tour:
Oct 31st Dortmund – FAV14 MAO
Nov 1st Köln – Gebäude 9
Nov 2nd Karlsruhe – Jubez
Dec 11th Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
Dec 12th München – Rote Sonne
Dec 13th Chemnitz – Weltecho

Out now: New Tarwater album "Adrift"!

"Adrift" contains 13 songs, four of which are instrumentals. It's an album of voices and rhythms, with an atmosphere that may at first seem reduced, yet further listening reveals a wealth of detail. Tarwater use the acoustic bass as their "weapon of choice", they are fascinated by its elastic, vague expressiveness. The drumkit in the traditional rock format is conspicuous in its absence. Tarwater, who particularly in the British music press are happily and quite fittingly placed in the tradition of the Krautrock of the seventies, tap into a different close relative on "Adrift". Robert Wyatt, with his Jazz filtered through Progressive Rock, comes to mind. "Adrift" is now available on CD/LP/DL.

Read more here: English / Deutsch

Happy 80th birthday,
Hans-Joachim Roedelius!

To celebrate Hans-Joachim Roedelius' 80th anniversary Bureau B prepared two special releases: "Tape Archive 1973–1978", a limited 3-LP Boxset that offers a deep inside into Roedelius' creative process. And "Kollektion 02, Electronic Music – compiled by Lloyd Cole" for which Cole listened through Roedelius' solo archives to present his favourite synthesizer and organ pieces.

Read more about "Tape Archive 1973-1978": English

Read more about "Electronic Music": English / Deutsch

DEUTSCHE WERTARBEIT: Forgotten electronic music jewel out now!

"Deutsche Wertarbeit" (= quality German workmanship) is a long forgotten jewel of German electronic music. Released in 1981, it is the only solo album made by the Düsseldorf keyboard player and composer Dorothea Raukes. One of the founders of the rock band Streetmark and a member until its end, Raukes collected six synthesizer treasures for "Deutsche Wertarbeit", artfully unifying the so-called Düsseldorf School (Kraftwerk etc.), the Berliner School (Tangerine Dream etc.) and elements of Jean Michel Jarre's music with sounds of the inceptive 1980s–from the hypnotic to the hymnal, at times "cosmic". On CD/LP/DL.

Read more here: English / Deutsch

First edition of KOLLEKTION series out now: TIM GANE compiles Sky Records

The first edition of the new compilation series KOLLEKTION – "SKY RECORDS. Compiled by TIM GANE" – is now available. Tim Gane, the erstwhile Stereolab mastermind, delved through the archives of the legendary German Krautrock label Sky and picked his favorite tracks. Gane: "Sky was one of the labels that represented this more playful second period of innovative German music that first started in the late 60's and had developed in the late 70's into something rather different but, I think, no less groundbreaking." On CD/LP/DL.

Read more here: English / Deutsch


The "Krautrock Guerilla" is back!
CAMERA's second album out now!

After touring the world for two years the Berlin threesome CAMERA recorded twelve new songs: Motorik-driven, energetic stretches laced with psychedelic overtones rise up from keyboards, drums and guitars. Hypnotic beats. Shimmering elegance, forceful bursts of garage rock, a gentle flow, spherical flight. All on CAMERA's new album "Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide". On CD/LP/DL.

Read more here: English / Deutsch

Gudrun Gut and Hans-Joachim Irmler:
first collaboration out now! New video!

On "500m" the Krautrock-informed, epic willingness to explore on the part of Hans-Joachim Irmler (Faust), and the structured and technoid Berlin discipline of Gudrun Gut (Malaria, Mania D, Einstürzende Neubauten) are conjoined in glistening beauty, recorded at the Faust studio in Scheer in Autumn of 2013. "500m" is out now. On CD/LP/DL.

Read more here: English / Deutsch

There's also a new video online – the song's called "Mandarine" and the video is available here.

Camera – video for "Synchron" premiered on "The 405"

On Sept 12th we're going to release the new Camera album "Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide" – an elegant, hypnotic, but also powerful new album by the Berlin-based band. The first video for the song "Synchron" premiered on "The 405" and is now online on our Youtube account.

More information and listening samples here.

"One Hour" – by Cluster. Finest
electronica from 1994. Out now

In 1994 the seminal electronic duo Cluster (Dieter Moebius & Hans-Joachim Roedelius) continued what they had begun in 1990 with "Apropos Cluster", their comeback album. The more mature "One Hour" condenses essential passages from two lengthy sessions into 60 minutes. We hear sprawling soundscapes, clear acoustic sketches, musical extravaganzas, in short: highly impressionistic electronica. On CD/LP/DL.

Read more here: English / Deutsch


Two gems of electronic music by Harald Grosskopf now reissued!

"Synthesist" (1980) and "Oceanheart" (1986) on CD and vinyl

"Synthesist" It is one of the classics of German electronic music, comprising eight instrumentals composed in the tradition of the so-called Berliner Schule / Berlin School (Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream). Mastered from the original tapes! Harald Grosskopf is best known as drummer in the band Ashra and for Klaus Schulze ("Moondawn") and as an electronic musician. His first solo album "Synthesist" (released 1980) is one of the classics of German electronic music, comprising eight instrumentals composed in the tradition of the so-called Berliner Schule / Berlin School (Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream).
"Oceanheart" (1986) was his second solo album. It may sound like a child of the 1980s, but in a compositional sense it is also related to the Berlin School of the 70's.
Both reissues were mastered from the original tapes and are available on CD/LP/DL. "Oceanheart" comes with a new artwork.

Read more about "Synthesist": English / Deutsch
Download press kit here

Read more about "Oceanheart": English / Deutsch
Download press kit here

Gut und Irmler:
"Früh" video now online

On Sept 5th we're going to release "500m", the first collaboration from Hans-Joachim Irmler (Faust) and Gudrun Gut (Malaria, Mania D, Einstürzende Neubauten). The video for "Früh" premiered on and is now also available on our Youtube account.

More information and listening samples here.

"Flieg Vogel fliege" – Reissue of
Roedelius' fifth self-portrait out now

Musical sketches and ideas recorded by Roedelius between the years of 1973 and 1979 on a Revox tape machine in his living room. In contrast to the previous self-portraits, which he left untouched, Roedelius revised these recordings and embellished them with further tracks. Now and again, they even bear a resemblance to the character of the Cluster LP "Sowiesoso". Great stuff as always.

Read more here: English / Deutsch

JULY 2014

ZIGURI = Kölsch, Schickert, Erdenreich
Debut after 27 years out now!

Ziguri is a project comprising Krautrock legend Günter Schickert, Udo Erdenreich and Dieter Kölsch. Active from 1987 to 1997, they reformed in 2011 and now, some 27 years later to be exact, present us with their first album. The music: hypnotic trance/Motorik/psychic rock-driving, monotonous beats and bass lines, overlain by floating patterns from Schickert's inimitable Echodrive guitar.

Read more here: English / Deutsch

Free download from upcoming ZIGURI album

ZIGURIs debut album is going to be released on July 25th and here's a free song called "Bella Hopp".

JUNE 2014

Moebius Story Leidecker
"Snowghost Pieces" out now

Dieter Moebius charted new "Krautronik" ground as one half of Cluster (with Hans-Joachim Roedelius) for many years. The Americans Tim Story and Jon Leidecker are two electronic musicians who could not be more different to one another. Story is known for his warm soundscapes whilst Leidecker has made an name for himself, or rather for his "Wobbly" pseudonym, with experimental adventures in sound. "Snowghost pieces" features harmonious, electronic improvisations of the highest order. Hypnotic rhythms embellished with sometimes bizarre, always surprising sounds and noises.

Read more here: English / Deutsch

Avantgarde Festival
20–22 June 2014, Schiphorst (DE)

"Three days of utopia". From June 20th to June 22nd the 11th Avantgarde Festival will take place in Schiphorst, Germany. The Avantgarde Festival offers an ideal platform for artists to express themselves: excellent technical conditions, efficient organization, yet a relaxed atmosphere ... experiments, spontaneous collaborations and above all an attentive, knowledgeable and open minded audience.

More information on

Moebius Story Leidecker: Free downloads and video from new album

Dieter Moebius (one half of legendary "Krautronik" band Cluster) and the americans Tim Story and Jon Leidecker made an album together. Hypnotic rhythms embellished with sometimes bizarre, always surprising sounds and noises.

Here are two songs for free: a download/stream of "Treadmill" and the video for "Defenestrate", produced by Kreidler's Detlef Weinrich.

More information:

MAY 2014

Cluster's comeback album
"Apropos" (1990) out now

Cluster (Dieter Moebius, Hans-Joachim Roedelius) are considered pioneers of electronic music and key Krautrock protagonists. In the late 1960s, together with Konrad Schnitzler as the trio Kluster, they changed the world of music for ever with their radical improvisations. Having split from Schnitzler, Moebius and Roedelius continued as Cluster, releasing eight further milestones of electronic and ambient music up until 1981, two of them with Brian Eno. A hiatus lasting almost a decade was brought to an end in 1990 when Cluster made a surprise comeback with "Apropos Cluster". Our reissue is out on CD, heavy vinyl (180g) and for download.

Read more here: English / Deutsch

KREIDLER video for "Alphabet" premiered on

Lior Shamriz produced a video for "Alphabet", taken from the new Kreidler album ABC. The video is now premiered on the Spex website.

"Alphabet (Single Edit)" is also available as free stream and download on our Soundcloud account.

KREIDLER – new album ABC out now!

2014 marks twenty years of KREIDLER. The band has outgrown adolescence, but remains juvenile, reckless, impetuous. They recorded their new album ABC in Tbilisi, Georgia. And there will also be a film – by Heinz Emigholz, who accompanied the last album DEN with film clips.

ABC. Like TANK, it's two times three: Six tracks characterized by elliptical shifts, where suddenly the bass and drums take over the helm – or a choir appears.

Read more here: English / Deutsch

Download press kit here

APRIL 2014

Trailer for Heinz Emigholz' "2+2=22 (The Alphabet)" revealed

Heinz Emigholz was in Tiflis to shoot a film about the recording of the new Kreidler album. The trailer is now premiered on – the song you're hearing there is called "Modul" and is included on the upcoming Kreidler album ABC, out on Bureau B on May 2nd.

Tour dates (presented by Spex and ByteFM):
May 9th, 2014 // Cologne – Achtbrücken Festival @ Philharmonie
May 15th, 2014 // Nuremberg – K4
May 16th, 2014 // Offenbach – Hafen 2
May 17th, 2014 // Fulda – Kulturzentrum Kreuz
May 24th, 2014 // Düsseldorf – FFT
May 26th, 2014 // Stuttgart – Schocken
May 28th, 2014 // Leipzig – Täubchenthal
May 29th, 2014 // Bremen – Theater Bremen
May 30th, 2014 // Hamburg – Uebel & Gefährlich
May 31st, 2014 // Berlin – Bi Nuu

Arbeit, Färber, zeitblom = AUTOMAT
Berlin record release party on April 18

Since 2011 the Berlin-based musicians Jochen Arbeit (Die Haut, Einstürzende Neubauten), Achim Färber (drummer for Project Pitchfork, Prag, Phillip Boa), and zeitblom (Sovetskoe Foto) have been collaborating under the name AUTOMAT. Their self titled debut album (out April 4th) tells the story of the four Berlin airports and is a dark dub/dance/groove masterpiece with guest appearances by Blixa Bargeld, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, and Lydia Lunch.

To celebrate their debut album, AUTOMAT invite you to join their record release party on April 18 at Roter Salon Volksbühne, Berlin.

Read more about the album: English / Deutsch

Download press kit here


PYROLATOR's "Traumland" out now!
Pop music by an avant-garde musician

Pyrolator (right) with Jörg Kemp and Susan Brackeens

The adventurous avant-garde musician Pyrolator (member of Der Plan, DAF, Fehlfarben and Ata Tak label founder) struck out on a completely new path for his fourth solo album in 1987: sophisticated pop music, potentially compatible with the charts – proper vocals, jazzy harmonies and sax solos. The album divided opinion: critics were enthralled, fans alienated. Time to rediscover this unusual work. In stores now on CD, vinyl (180g), and for download.

Read more here: English / Deutsch

CAMOUFLAGE 10 CD box set out now!
Only few copies left!

Markus Meyn signing the picture book of the box set

In February 2014 Bureau B have released a limited Camouflage box set containing ten CDs, a picture book and a booklet with all lyrics. They are all numbered, signed and limited to 1000 copies.

The content includes:
• Voices & Images (newly remastered)
• Methods Of Silence (newly remastered)
• Meanwhile (newly remastered)
• Bodega Bohemia (newly remastered)
• Spice Crackers (newly remastered)
• Sensor (newly remastered)
• Relocated (newly remastered)
• Areu Areu (newly remastered)
• Archive #2 – Live Recordings
• Archive #3 – The Early Tapes 1983–1988

There are still some box sets left (not very man, though!), you can order them HERE


Bureau B celebrates the 50th birthday
of Andreas Dorau

Three albums and two unique live events to celebrate the man who brought us tons of fantastic glittering pop songs. After re-releasing the first four of Dorau's albums he recorded for the Düsseldorf label Ata Tak between 1981 and 1992, Bureau B proudly presents: Andreas' brand new album AUS DER BIBLIOTHÈQUE (out Jan 17), a marvellous Best Of collection named HAUPTSACHE ICH! (out Jan 17) which features a limited rarities album (SILBERNES ICH). Furthermore, Andreas himself as well as some very special guests (DER PLAN, EGOTRONIC, JUSTUS KÖHNCKE) will perform two live shows, one in Hamburg (Jan 18, Knust) and one in Berlin (Jan 25, Bi Nuu).

Read more about "Aus der Bibliothèque": English / Deutsch
Download press kit here

Read more about "Hauptsache Ich!": English / Deutsch
Download press kit here


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